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Encona Online Learning Showcase

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About This Course

This course has been developed by ENCONAcademy, and is here to provide you with an insight into our Online Learning Platform. We are excited to start this learning journey with you, and introduce you to our simple yet advanced learning management system. The central topics of online learning platforms are explored during this 2 hour (maximum) course.

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ENCONA’s Tech Platform consist of a group of technologies that enable an organization or person to learn more immersively and more conveniently than before.

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Our idea is to implement this technology in large industrial organizations as a bespoke solution.

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We take learning to home and your team into your boardroom and factory instantly.

Target Audience

Executives and staff personnel who are interested in taking their traditional training into Industry 4.0.


The objective of this course is to demonstrate the future of corporate education & training and how the transformation journey towards that could be made possible. This demonstration/showcase course is structured as follows to reach the objective:

  • The relevance of online learning for future education requirements
  • An overview of Encona, and how we've positioned and prepared ourselves for the future/li>
  • An overview of the technologies we've built to help us venture into this new future
  • An in-depth showcase of the digital production process we've established and the products we've delivered through this process. This will provide you with an arsenal of examples of how organisations can transform their traditional content into digital content
  • A Live Video Conferencing session, where we unpack the capabilities of this tool within the wider capabilities of our Online Learning Platform
  • A brief course wrap-up

Concept and Benefits

Our online based learning platform is a high quality platform built using the best and most intuitive tools available on the market, and includes features such as:

  • Customized company branding and implementation
  • Customize courses and manage your team’s training needs
  • Offer training on any device
  • Facilitate interactive & blended learning
  • Assess, score & certify your training success
  • Enable learner collaboration
  • Measure impact through ground breaking learner analytics & reporting

Prerequisites for Attendance

An interest to learn more about Encona’s Online Learning Platform

Certificate of Qualification

Not relevant in this course, but in our eyes you’ll be well accomplished with our learning platform.

Supplementary Material

Can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The ENCONAcademy Online Learning Platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.