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VDA | Formula (Formel) Q – Compact | June 28 - July 01, 2022

Course contents will be available once enrolled

About This Course

Formula Q is a body of rules containing all of Volkswagen’s requirements for quality and project management for cooperation with supply chain partners. The fulfillment of these requirements aims to ensure a smooth product engineering process and series delivery to the satisfaction of the customer. In cooperation with the Volkswagen Bildungsinstitut GmbH, this training presents these binding requirements and procedures in detail.

Target Audience

Executives and employees from all areas in the process chain.


You will be familiar with Formula Q on the whole.

You will be familiar with the requirements of the Volkswagen group pertaining to Formula Q-Concrete, Formula Q-Capability and Formula Q-New Parts Integra

You will know how the inquiry and award phases work.

You will be familiar with the importance of Formula Q, in development cooperation with the Volkswagen Group, in product and process release, and in serial operation.

You will be familiar with some important applications, such as QPN, self-audit and QTR.

Concept and Methods

The training alternates between technical presentations and group work. Group work supports the transfer of what has been learned into your own working practice. Special emphasis is placed on opportunities to exchange experiences.

Prerequisites for Attendance


Certificate of Qualification

After passing the knowledge test (Multiple-Choice-Test), you will receive a certificate of qualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

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