ENCONAcademy is a leading provider of powerful training and development in Germany. Our professional development seminars take your career and your organization to the next level.


Our highly skilled seminar leaders are also practitioners who work in today’s competitive and challenging business world. This Real-World experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day.


Core Values:

At ENCONAcademy, open and honest communication is part of our doctrine. We build upon the basics in the industry and promote innovation in the field of business management education. Common sense is fundamental, but we also encourage students to think beyond the ordinary.


We emphasize a strong work ethic and enhancement of professional capabilities by creating an environment that encourages students to be participative and enjoy learning.


Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for management professionals and students to develop and advance their careers through knowledge – enhancement, education, certification and the advocacy of the highest ethical and professional practices.

ENCONAcademy LLC – License Partner of VDA-QMC for all VDA related Quality Management Courses in the US

VDA-QMC was founded in 2001. The VDA QMC training center provides expertise in all areas of quality in the automotive industry. Their focus lies in the total transfer of quality know-how direct to

the user.


Encona has been nominated as the official and exclusive partner for the US to conduct all VDA-QMC trainings. Competent trainers from German Carmakers as well as local Automotive experts provide their international Automotive industry experiences in a wide range of top class trainings.