Business Development

The field of commerce, the specialist area of business development management comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities which aim at attracting new customers, entering into new markets, penetrating existing markets and at increasing competitiveness.

The problem:

Traditional markets are almost down. The banks turn their money reserves off. The unions shout for economical necessities. The pressure on cost reduction rises. Making business in a globalized world becomes more and more challenging.


This is the point where your problems start and our services begin!

The solution:

Encona is holding a large experience in the international business field. In our services we employ exclusively native speaking experts with area specific experience.


If you are interested in one of the following subjects, you should definately talk to us!



New customers & markets

You want to find new customers in the international business field and need a local agent?


You want to benefit from over 200 internationally operating Encona clients in various commodities to bring you into business with?


You want to investigate a joint venture with international companies (small, medium or large) to boost your business?


You want to make business in Far East, Europe or America and you need data and orientation?


The difference of culture and language is huge and you need a Far East/Europe/US agent with experience and qualification in economy, mentality and culture?


Supplier Management

You want to purchase products and components in Europe/Far East/US but you do not know the local content supply market?


You already have suppliers in Europe/Far East/US, but you do not have resources to develop your suppliers?


You want to benefit from Encona`s global supplier database with qualified, competitive, approved and preferred vendors from major global players in nearly every commodity?

You want to roll out a Supplier Development Programme to increase Quality/Cost/Delivery performance of your supply base?


Product Cost Calculation & Competitiveness


You want to have all your products cost analysed to locate your cost improvement potentials for purchased components, sub assy or modules?


Once cost improvements located, you then want somebody to generate all savings for you?


You want to introduce a best in class calculation tool to have control over your own product calculation as well as over your purchase prices from your suppliers?